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New Business HR agenda

Business leaders who believe they can decide the HR priorities without a deeper understanding of the relationship between business strategy, organisation and people, will find that their organisation never reaches a stage of high performance.

HR leaders, who believe they can determine the HR agenda largely within the HR function itself, will fail to add value to the organisation they work for.

In our view there is a natural alliance between the CEO and the HR leader to manage the balance between keeping the successful core of the past, doing away with other less successful, existing activities and building new capabilities for growth and future success.

What is needed more than ever before is a common view on the Business HR agenda that needs to be delivered in order to be successful overall. Rapid change is happening in all sectors of public and corporate life and the capability to adapt to this rapid change has become of strategic importance. Having a focused and clearly communicated HR strategy is essential for successful organisations. When implemented correctly it can transform company performance.

Together with Rob van Dijk from Hay Group, Ap Eigenhuis (Applico) has written a book called “High Performance Business Strategy â€" Inspiring success through effective human resource management”. This book is designed to help senior management analyse the weak points in their organisation and focus HR on transforming problem areas. With a unique online checklist to identify areas of corporate weakness, it shows you how to interpret the results and deliver HR strategies that will revolutionise performance. It provides a tailored programme of proven management strategies for improving business performance through tergeted HR.

The book will be published by Kogan Page in London. It will be available in bookshops world wide from the end of June onward. Amazon.com will distribute the book from the 1st of August.