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Business case

The human side of enterprise determines to a high degree whether a business becomes high performing. The ability to attract and retain talented people is key to this. One-sided, short term efforts to maximise shareholders value with the help of control oriented cultures, normally do not result in better organizations and better performance.

By aligning the strategy of a business with the development of talented people, a strong engagement can be built leading to innovativeness and sustainable performance. In most organizations there is ample room for improvement in this area. Applico makes opportunities in your organization visible and tangible.

More... Talent, engagement and trust

Higher people engagement and commitment levels work, but need to be sustainable in order to create real commitment. Real leaders do three things to get people to follow them. They connect through trust. They are aware that they have to build credit on their trust account before they can spend any. The second is that they align through meaning. They talk with ndividuals about their purposes and how those can mesh with the purpose of the organization. In this way they align the real organization with the formal organization. The third is that they sustain through dialogue, telling stories instead of being evangelists. This creates an inspiring work environment where talented people bloom and give their best. Becoming a high performing organization makes it even a more attractive place to work in and leads to further creativity and innovation.

More... social responsibility and sustainability

Social responsibility and sustainability are becoming integral elements of overall business strategy and decision making, rather than being a new support function. As an example, Unilever wants all Lipton teabags to be certified for sustainability by the Rainforest Alliance by 2015.

The challenge is to apply considerations of sustainability in HR policy development and execution as well. For leaders it is important that they stay more than three years in their job. The variable part of remuneration should reflect the business performance over a period of three years. Leadership development programmes, performance management, etc. need to reflect the importance of sustainability. Engaging in external social responsibility projects provides a sense of meaning and makes people feel proud about the company they work for.