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The New HR agenda

New elan is needed for the human side of enterprise. This requires new strategic HR initiatives having priority on the HR agenda. This is what we call the new HR agenda.

The new HR agenda has been described extensively in the book 'HR strategy for the High Performing Buisness'. It is based on practical insights on one hand and many pieces of research on the other. It gives a consistent and coherent picture of what is needed overall on the human side of a business to become high performing. This is a new approach.


The book was written by Ap Eigenhuis of Applico together with Rob van Dijk, senior director at Hay Group. The new HR agenda is also the title of the checklist that goes with the book.


The checklist helps to identify what is most needed from the HR side in your organization. It gives an indication of aspects that your organization most likely needs to focus on. It makes possible a proper dialogue with the leadership on HR matters.

By bringing together various insights and latest developments into one checklist and by using one comprehensive approach, we ensure that what needs to be done can be examined in an effective manner. In addition, the high degree of practicality and the business language used ensure that the dialogue around findings will be adding value and will be helping to establish HR as a good partner in business.

More... Nine sections

The checklist has nine sections. In the book further information is given for each of the sections as a whole:

Energizing leadership to mobilize people
Build the team
Shared vision and values
Strategic framework
Aligned and lean organization
High-performing empowered teams
Coaching: develop yourself and others to win
Create a winning organizational climate
Deliver results and reward