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Publications and news

Korean edition of HR Strategy for the High Performing Business
HR Strategy for the High Performing Business has been translated into Korean and will be published by ChungRim Publishing in Seoul, Korea. The Korean edition will be available from 1 October 2010. An extensive recommendation by PWC is part of the book.

Melo’dia, June 2010 in Switzerland
Networking has many forms and shapes. In June we held a very successful networking event according to the ‘Melo’ principle: Meet-Enjoy-Learn-Occasion. A group of senior HR professionals gathered in Switzerland for a day. All participants have worked together in the past, but have joined other companies since then. The exchange of experiences in those new, very diverse companies and the impact of this on personal lives,  formed the core part of the program.  Coupled with the use of music and the environment of green Swiss hills, this produced a remarkable learning effect and new insights. In 2011 Melodia will be held again.
If you are interested to know more about this approach, please contact Ap Eigenhuis.

Book 'High Performance Business Strategy', published by Kogan Page in London, UK en Philadelphia, USA in 2007 paperback edition in 2008 under the title 'HR Strategy for the High Performing Business'

Article 'High-performance business strategy' in Strategy Magazine (2007)

Article 'Inspired performance in accountancies' in Accountancy Age (2007)

Article 'Inspired performance: make the human organization run like a clockwork' in Engineering Management (2007)

Article 'Aantrekkelijk voor talent' in Management Scope (February 2008)

Article 'Op eenzame hoogte: HRM als inspirator voor topprestaties' in Gids voor Personeelsmanagement (March 2008)

Article 'HR-agenda' in Personeelbeleid (September 2008)

Book 'De nieuwe HR-agenda', published by Mediawerf (December 2008)